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Unlock your full potential and conquer the GED RLA exam with confidence. Take advantage of our free practice tests designed to help you master the Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) section. These practice tests are meticulously crafted to simulate the actual exam experience, providing you with valuable insights into the test format and types of questions you can expect. Sharpen your reading comprehension, writing, and critical thinking skills as you tackle a wide range of practice questions. With focused preparation and consistent practice, you can boost your performance and increase your chances of success on the GED RLA exam. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to excel – take the practice test today and pave the way to a brighter future.

Welcome to your Free GED RLA Practice Test


Free Ged rla practice test
What was Gregor's initial reaction to his transformation?
a) He thought it was a dream.
b) He believed he was still asleep.
c) He assumed it was a result of his uneasy dreams.
d) He thought his room had changed


Free Ged rla practice test
How would you describe Gregor's physical appearance after the transformation?
a) He became larger and stronger.
b) He turned into a small insect.
c) His body became segmented and hard.
d) He grew extra pairs of legs.


Free Ged rla practice test
What can be inferred about Gregor's profession?
a) He is a scientist studying insects.
b) He is an artist who collects cloth samples.
c) He is a commercial traveler who sells products.
d) He is an illustrator for an illustrated magazine.


Free Ged rla practice test
What does the picture hanging above Gregor's table depict?
a) A woman with a fur cap and fur stole.
b) A lady holding a huge fur muff.
c) A woman with a disfigured arm.
d) A woman with a small waist.


Free Ged rla practice test
How does Gregor feel about waking up early?
a) He finds it refreshing and energizing.
b) He thinks it makes him more intelligent.
c) He believes it makes him sluggish and stupid.
d) He thinks it is necessary for his job.


Free Ged rla practice test
How does Gregor compare his work schedule to that of his colleagues?
a) He feels his colleagues have more relaxed schedules.
b) He believes his schedule is more flexible.
c) He thinks his colleagues have to work harder.
d) He believes his schedule is more demanding.


Free Ged rla practice test
What does Gregor think about his chief?
a) He admires and respects his chief.
b) He believes his chief is lazy and unprofessional.
c) He thinks his chief is hard of hearing.
d) He wants to confront his chief.


Free Ged rla practice test
Why does Gregor feel he cannot confront his chief at the moment?
a) He is afraid of losing his job.
b) He needs to save money for his parents' debts.
c) He wants to build a better relationship with his chief.
d) He believes his chief is too powerful.


Free Ged rla practice test
How long does Gregor estimate it will take to pay back his parents' debts?
a) Two or three years.
b) Four or five years.
c) Five or six years.
d) Ten or twelve years.


Free Ged rla practice test
What does Gregor plan to do once he has paid off his parents' debts?
a) Confront his chief and quit his job.
b) Travel the world and explore new opportunities.
c) Save more money for future investments.
d) Keep working and supporting his family.


Free Ged rla practice test
Which word best describes Gregor's attitude towards his transformation?
a) Resigned
b) Excited
c) Curious
d) Delighted


Free Ged rla practice test
What can be inferred about Gregor's relationship with his parents?
a) He is financially dependent on them.
b) He is estranged from them.
c) He feels obligated to support them.
d) He is resentful towards them.


Free Ged rla practice test
What does Gregor compare his chief's behavior to?
a) A ruler on a high throne.
b) A deaf person trying to communicate.
c) A teacher scolding a student.
d) A boss addressing employees.


Free Ged rla practice test
What time does Gregor's train depart?
a) Five in the morning.
b) Five in the afternoon.
c) Six in the morning.
d) Six in the evening.


Free Ged rla practice test
How does Gregor feel about his job overall?
a) He loves his job and finds it fulfilling.
b) He believes it is a necessary evil.
c) He feels trapped and dissatisfied.
d) He is grateful for the opportunities it provides.


Free Ged rla practice test
How would you summarize the main idea of the passage?
a) Gregor wakes up transformed into an insect and contemplates his life.
b) Gregor's dream of becoming an insect affects his perception of reality.
c) Gregor's difficult work schedule leads to his transformation into an insect.
d) Gregor's discontent with his job causes him to dream about his transformation.


Free Ged rla practice test
Which phrase best captures the tone of the passage?
a) Excitement and anticipation
b) Fear and panic
c) Confusion and disbelief
d) Resignation and contemplation


Free Ged rla practice test
What is the significance of the cloth samples in Gregor's room?
a) They represent his passion for fashion design.
b) They symbolize his desire for a luxurious lifestyle.
c) They highlight his meticulous attention to detail.
d) They reflect his profession as a commercial traveler.


Free Ged rla practice test
How does Gregor's physical transformation affect his relationship with his job?
a) It motivates him to work harder.
b) It hinders his ability to perform his job.
c) It has no impact on his job.
d) It makes him more confident and assertive.


Free Ged rla practice test
What does Gregor's transformation into an insect symbolize?
a) The consequences of his unhealthy lifestyle.
b) The loss of his humanity and identity.
c) The fulfillment of his secret desires.
d) The manifestation of his deepest fears.


What does Domain suggest about the complexity of humans compared to robots?
a) Humans are simpler than robots
b) Humans are more complicated than robots
c) Humans and robots are equally complex
d) Domain does not mention the complexity of robots


How did young Rossum approach the creation of robots?
a) By simplifying human anatomy
b) By adding unnecessary features to humans
c) By making robots more complex than humans
d) By ignoring human anatomy altogether


Why did young Rossum believe that certain human qualities were unnecessary for workers?
a) Those qualities hindered productivity
b) Those qualities made workers more expensive
c) Those qualities were only relevant in leisure activities
d) Those qualities were considered unimportant by society


What does Domain compare the manufacturing of artificial workers to?
a) Manufacturing of automobiles
b) Manufacturing of clothing
c) Manufacturing of musical instruments
d) Manufacturing of electronics


What characteristic did young Rossum prioritize when creating artificial workers?
a) Honesty and hard-working nature
b) Emotional intelligence and creativity
c) Simplicity and minimal requirements
d) Technical perfection and flawlessness


According to Domain, what is the main difference between robots and humans?
a) Robots have more developed intelligence
b) Robots are soulless and lack certain human qualities
c) Humans are more technically perfect than robots
d) Humans are more expensive to manufacture than robots


What does Domain suggest about the appearance of robots internally?
a) Robots have complex internal structures
b) Robots have flaws in their internal workings
c) Robots have a neat and simple internal design
d) Domain does not mention the appearance of robots internally


What does Domain believe about the perfection of engineered products compared to natural products?
a) Engineered products are inferior to natural products
b) Engineered products are flawless and superior to natural products
c) Engineered products and natural products are equally perfect
d) Domain does not express an opinion on engineered products


What does Domain imply about humans being the product of nature?
a) Humans are inferior to robots
b) Humans are flawed and imperfect
c) Humans have a soul, unlike robots
d) Domain does not comment on humans being the product of nature


What is the author's tone in this passage?
a) Excitement
b) Disgust
c) Curiosity
d) Matter-of-fact


What does Domain consider to be the best type of worker?
a) The most honest and hard-working worker
b) The worker with the smallest needs
c) The worker with the highest intelligence
d) The worker with the most creativity


What is the main idea of this passage?
a) Robots are superior to humans in every way
b) Young Rossum's approach to creating robots
c) The simplicity and practicality of artificial workers
d) The soullessness and perfection of robots


Based on the passage, what can you infer about young Rossum's intentions?
a) He wanted to replace humans with robots entirely
b) He wanted to improve the functionality of humans
c) He wanted to create robots with human-like emotions
d) He wanted to create robots that would perform specific tasks


What generalization can be made about the author's view of robots?
a) The author sees robots as superior to humans
b) The author sees robots as soulless and lacking in certain human qualities
c) The author sees robots as flawed and inferior to humans
d) The author does not express a clear view on robots


How does Domain compare the engineering of robots to natural creation?
a) Robots are a natural product of evolution
b) Robots are a superior product of engineering
c) Robots are an inferior product compared to nature
d) Domain does not make a direct comparison between robots and natural creation

Congratulations on attempting the GED test, regardless of whether your answers were all correct or not. The important thing is that you took the initiative to participate, showcasing your determination to pass the GED test. Remember, even small progress is still progress, so keep up the hard work and continue striving towards your goal!