(GED Science/Life Science; Lesson 8)- Organization Of Ecosystems

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              Organization of Ecosystems

An ecosystem is a community that consists of living organisms and their physical environment. Examples are listed below: 

Living organismsPlants, animals, bacteria, fungi
Physical environmentSoil, air, water, climate

Organisms such as green plant are known as producers reason being that they get energy from the sun to manufacture their own food, while others are called consumers. Consumers depend on producers to meet their needs; they either eat plant or depend on organisms that eat plant. A complex diagram that explain patters in which energy is being through the ecosystem is known as food web

C:\Users\Ebube\Desktop\DTW TUTORIALS\DTW BLOG PHYSICS\A-typical-food-web-diagram-used-in-school-textbooks-to-show-who-eats-what-in-an.png

Source: www.researchgate.net 

Note that in ecosystem carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and water cycle have specific function to perform in ecosystem. Carbon and oxygen cycles through the biosphere because of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Nitrogen functions between the land organisms and the air through chemical process. And water cycles through the air, the land, the oceans and other surface water, and organisms through evaporations, precipitation, transpiration and condensation which are gotten from plant. 

C:\Users\Ebube\Desktop\DTW TUTORIALS\DTW BLOG PHYSICS\water-hydrologic-cycle-land-surface-atmosphere-ocean.jpg

Source: www.britannica.com  


  1. Energy passes through an ecosystem from the sun, to……..? A. Producers B. Consumers C. The biosphere D. Food web

       Ans= A

  1. The main source of energy in the ecosystem comes from the …….? A. Moon B. Green plants C. The sun D. Soil, air and water

      Ans= C

  1. Carbon and oxygen cycles through the ………..? A. Biospheres B. Atmosphere C. Chemical process D. Through surface water

      Ans= A

  1. From the content above an ecosystem is a community of organisms and their………….? A. Immediate environments B. Subordinate surroundings C. Physical environment D. Community

     Ans= C

  1. Consumers depend on which of the following options? A. Living organism B. Bacteria C. Food web D. Producers

      Ans= D