(GED Social Studies Practices; Lesson 2) – Interpret Words And Ideas

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                                    INTERPRET WORDS AND IDEAS

To understand social studies materials, there are need to understand certain concept which as to do with peculiar key terms in their context. This might defers in terms of organization; some are organized in chronological or in time order.

Types of organization in social studies material

A. Sequence of events (chronological)

B. As steps in process (time)

Other ways are

A. Causes

B. And effect


When you made a mistake because someone made you do wrong, you will be the one to pay for the mistake you made. You are always the victim of your error. The real problem is you. Not your job but you, not your friends view but your view, not your enemy’s attack, but you.

Based on the paragraph above who is most likely to be blame for your errors in life?

A. You

B. Your friends for pushing you in making the your choice

C. Your parent

D. Your incompetence

Ans= A

A business man has goods that are surplus to demand from the consumer in 1890, so he adjusted the price to make sales. The following year which is 1891 the supply reduced drastically. As a result of change in demand and limited supplies the price of his good change.

Based on the above paragraph, which of the following year will encounter increase change in price?

A. 1890

B. 1891

Ans= B