(GED Social Studies/U.S. History; lesson 4) – The United States As An Emerging World Power

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In the mid-1800s the expansion of industrialization had an effect on the economy of the nation and also on its policies. Natural resources were very important in the expansion of industrialization. The government as well as the businessmen wanted access to more natural resources; they also wanted to sell their goods oversea. The America government wanted to promote industrialization and increase its power over other countries, which lead to imperialism i.e. a policy that enables stronger nations to extend economic, military, and/or political control over a weaker nations or region.

Note that in the late 1800s the U.S. pursues imperialism policies. Though, the European nations have been into it for centuries.

The united states were engage in World War 1, which began in Europe in 1913. In the First World War which began in Europe in 1913. The war involved two groups of nations, one known as the Allies (Great Britain, Russia, and France) and the other as the central powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire).  They fought for about three years in what later became a deadly stalemate. Before the United States join in the war, alarmed over Germany’s sinking of American ships provoke them to join the allies. This increase the chance of the allies in winning the world war I. by November 1918, the allies defeated the central powers.

As a result of massive destruction, in Europe there was economic downturn which Americans called the Great Depression. These lead to the rise of fascism in Europe and elsewhere.

Later on Germany built an alliance with other fascist nation which includes Italy and japan and they were known as the axis. By 1939, another war broke out between the axis and the allies.

The United States didn’t participate in World War II, until 1941, when the Japanese bombed the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. This time they didn’t just fought in Europe but also in Africa and Asia. There was massive destruction. The United States, which played a major part in World War II also helped in rebuilding war-scourged nations after the war was over.


  1. What led the United States to imperialism?

A. The allies

B. The word war

C. Natural resources

D. The Axis

Ans= C

2. Which other part of the world are into imperialism?

A. Asia

B. Europe

C. Africa

D. China

Ans= B

3. Great Britain, Russia and France are known as the?

A. Axis

B. Europe

C. Allies

D. Central power

Ans= C