(GED Social Studies/U.S. History; lesson 5) – The Cold War And The Civil Rights Era

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The power struggle between the capitalist and communist nations can be referred to as cold war. Leading the capitalist nations was the United States and leading the communist was the Soviet Union. The clashes they had led to smaller conflicts, with the threat of nuclear war.  The world ended in 1991. This is as a result of the breakup between the Soviet Union which end communism there.

In the second half 20th century, United States faces lot of challenges. The Africa Americans leaders begin the civil right movement in 1950s to curb out the segregation and discrimination in the United States. And they got victory and continue to ensure it is carried out. Although, minority groups and people of all backgrounds have been vigilant about it.

In recent decades also, Americans have been faced with another problem which is technology. Technology have bought load of improvement in medicine, science and so on. At the comfort of your home, it easy to communicate with friends and family anywhere they are around the world. It has also improved the economic aspect by creating more jobs. But the down fall of it, has caused lot of damage in terms of pollutions. It has led to polluting of our land with mountains of trash and tons of hazardous wastes.


  1. The power struggle is between the?

A. Americans and Russians

B. Capitalist and soviet union

C. Capitalist and communist

D. United states

Ans= C

2. Define cold war?

Ans= it is the power struggle between two nations which never led to war. 

3. What did Africa American launched in the 1950s?

A. Civil rights movement

B. Demonstration

C. Carnival

D. Battles/war

Ans= A

4. Another challenges Americans faced is?

A. Food

B. War

C. Religion

D. Technology

Ans= D