(GED Social Studies/Geography And The World)-The Age Of Revolutions

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Political revolution usually surface, when people are not happy with the way things are being done. The revolution brought about change in government system and how things are being done.

The reason for America revolution was the British taxation. They felt they should have a representation in the British parliament, and since they have no voice in that body American colonist believed they should not have to pay the special tax levied on them. Although the colonist argued about it. By 1776, they declared themselves the United States of America.

The revolutionaries in France where inspired by democratic ideas expressed in the American colonist. In France, the France monarch has absolute power. They citizens in France paid heavy taxes and have few freedoms or right (except for the nobles and church). This make the French people to established the national assembly to make law for them. The revolution in France started when King Louis XVI fought against the establishment.

The revolution spread to Latin America and even Mexico, ending many colonial governments there.

Another revolution was the industrial revolution whereby people had to adjust to new inventions. Instead of working with old tools at home, factories could employed has many workers they want using machines to produce much quantities. 


  1. The reason for America revolution was?  A. Ignorance B. British bad governance C. British taxation D. Political ideas


  1. What year was United States of America declared a sovereign nation? A. 1789 B. 1776 C. 1700s D. 1800s


  1. What lead to industrial revolution? A. The people B. New inventions C. Americans D. War