(GED Social Studies/Geography And The World; Lesson 4)-Exploration, Colonialism, And Wars

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The cause of World War I came to live as a result of nationalism and imperialism which is the desires of nations to expand their empires. Wars started between the central powers and the allies. The central powers consists of Germany and Austria-Hungary (are the mainstays of central powers). The allies include England, France, Russia, Serbia and eventually, United States. The war caused lot of damage in Europe and people loss their life and properties, some were jobless.

In 1918, Germany were blamed for the war and forced to pay reparations to the allies.

In 1929, the stock market crashed, which is also known as the great depression. It affected the Americans and other countries. It affected Germany the most as a result of the world war I. Nearly half of Germany workers were unemployed, and people were starving. There rose Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi party. He took over the leadership of Germany by appealing and promising the people employment. Hitler style of nationalism led to imprisonment and killing of people who were not part of the Aryan’s race, the Jews were the main target. Hitler also had the intention to take over Europe, and because other nations wanted to avoid war they allowed him annex Austria, then Czechoslovakia. Word war II started when he invaded Poland. This makes England and France to declared war on Germany. 

After World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union emerge as world powers. They were former allies; the U.S. led the democratic group while the Soviet Union led the communist group. The distrust between the two groups led to series of political and diplomatic contest known as cold war. This type of war never led to battles instead it was diplomatic. For instance, in other for the Soviet Union to catch up with the United States they had to build their own nuclear bomb.


  1. The cause of World War I was as a result of?


ANS= nationalism and imperialism

  1. Who is the leader of Nazi party in Germany? A. Adolf Hitler B. King Louis XVI C. Soviet union D. Central powers


  1. What year did the stock market crashed? A. 1929 B. 1917 C. 1918 D. 2021


  1. England, France and the United States are known as the? A. Central power B. Soviet union C. Allies D. Communist