(GED Social Studies/Geography And The World; Lesson 5)-Humans And The Environment

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Increase in population play a major role in defining and altering geographical region. People move from one place to another as a result of climate changes in different geographical region which causes changes in population. Population can either increase or decrease depending on movement of people. People tend to also move as a result of unemployment and these conditions depend on politics, climate, and economic development and so on.

Industrialized regions, often experience increase in population. Urban regions usually have increase population as a result of development in these regions. Often times it extends into the countryside because of overcrowding; farmlands are used to build houses that will accommodate people and industries.

Population also cause changes to the environment through pollution. Urban region where industrialization are situated, experience lot of damage to the environment; through land pollution, air pollution, water pollution even noise pollution- that is noise coming from factories, vehicles can also be referred to as noise pollution. Disputes between two ethnic groups can cause movement of people from one region to another.


  1. Urban areas………. Suburban areas?
    A. Contain more remnants of farms than
    B. Have more agricultural workers than
    C. Are more densely populated than
    D. Are bigger than
    ANS= C
  2. ………… Is the movement of individual or people from one
    geographical region to settle in another?
    A. Migration
    B. Travelling
    C. Transit
    D. Transportation
    ANS= A
  3. Which one of the following cause movement of people from one
    geographical region to another?
    A. Family
    B. Friends
    C. Transportation
    D. Dispute
    ANS= D