(GED Social Studies/Geography And The World; Lesson 6)-Using Resources Wisely

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Conservation has to do with carefully using of natural resource in ways that do not exhaust them. Natural resources can either be;

  • Renewable resources can be sustained through replacement .e.g. solar and wind- their supply never runs out. 
  • Non- Renewable resources cannot be replace when used up .e.g. mineral resources.

Natural resources need to be protected for the following reasons;

  • For economic reasons- natural resources are needed to produce and distribute goods and services.
  • For sustaining diverse ecosystem to help keep the planet healthy
  • For conserving natural areas and materials which are of important to human’s culture and spiritual traditions.

Different interest can come into conflict, if natural resources are scarce. It could even become more difficult if political boundaries are involved.

Although many countries have law protecting endangered species of plants and animals. And there are other government programs that ensure conservation and encourage people to develop alternate means of making use of energy. 


  1. What are renewable resources? A. An incentive to conserve materials B. Materials that will never run out or can be replaced if used C. Materials that will do not use and can be used in later days D. Materials that are usable and cannot be replaced


  1. Which from the following is an example of the sustainable use of resources? A. Overgrazing livestock B. Rotating crops C. Strip mining D. Burning fossil fuels


  1. Which of the following actions could a family adopt to protect nonrenewable resources? A. Carpool to work and school B. Incinerate the trash C. Burn more firewood D. Plant more trees in the yard