(GED Social Studies/Civics And Government; Lesson 4) – The Electoral System

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                                   THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM

In the United States there are two political parties dominating, these two parties are democratic and republican. These two political parties represent different ideas of how government should operate. They work on how to share their platform or ideas to the citizen thereby promoting and educating people on how to vote during election.

The political parties are well developed with an organization that is capable of competing at all level. Before a political party engage itself in an election, they first conduct a primary election which enables candidates to compete within the same political party. The winner from the primary will then compete in the general election.

Political campaigns are very expensive, it takes those that are able to raise funds or get support from wealthy individual. The higher the office, the more the expensive. In recent years, there been concerns about the high cost of political campaigns and the united states have put in place laws to restrict the size of campaign contributions. But more reforming is needed.


  1. Democrats and republicans are two?

A. Dominating political party in U.S.

B. Only political party in U.S.

C. Upcoming political party in U.S.

D. Least political party in U.S.

Ans= A 

2. What are the qualities a political party?

A. Organization

B. Contribution

C. Creativity

D. Team play

Ans= A

3. The higher the office the more?

A. The contribution

B. The expensive

C. The higher the publicity

D. The more the vote

Ans= B