(GED Social Studies/Civics And Government; lesson 5) – The Role Of The Citizen

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                                       THE ROLE OF THE CITIZEN

Citizenship is the relationship between an individual and a nation. One automatically becomes a citizen of United States by birth, through immigration, through naturalization or if one of your parents was a U.S citizen. As a citizen of United States you have the right to vote and hold public office, as well as to enjoy many other freedoms.

The rights of the citizen of a united states are in the first ten amendments to the U.S. constitution (Bill of Right). One of the most important rights is the right to participate in politics i.e. right to vote, right to hold political positions etc.

In the court system of the United States, citizen serves on juries in order to protect the right of other citizens. The fairness of the United States legal system depends on citizen participation.  Therefore employers are advised to release every citizen at work.  


  1. From the passage you have the right to vote and hold public position if you are a?

A. Citizen

B. Doctor

C. Expert

D. Apprentice

Ans= A

2. From the second paragraph, one of the fundamental rights of an individual is?

Ans= right to participate in the nation’s political affairs.

3. In our court system, citizens serve on …………. In order to protect the rights of other citizens?

A. Trials

B. Juries

C. In prison

D. Probation

Ans: B