(GED Social Studies practices; lesson 1) – Steps in analyzing author’s view

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Every author as a specific message they are trying to pass out. It could either be that they are trying to pass out certain information, like pass out a certain idea that has to do with their view on certain subject matter. The author’s purpose could either be to inform or to persuade the audience.

Steps in analyzing author’s view

Point of view of an author could either be based on judgment or the author’s view of the world in general which most especially are based on fact and evidence.

Bias has to do with the author’s way of seeing things differently from every other person. Some of the audience might not concord to these, though being bias is not a bad thing, it just ones likeness for something they support or cherish.

Propaganda, could be seen as an extreme form of one being bias. It has to do with the author trying to convince the audience to act and support what he/she loves or believe in without considering the trigger response it could cause.


  1. What are the things readers need to take note of when considering the purpose of an author?
  2. Dressing
  3. Manner of speech
  4. Manner of approach
  5. Point of view

Ans= D

  • Social studies materials can either inform or …………..?
  • Mislead
  • Persuade
  • estimate
  •  impact

Ans= B

  • Propaganda has to do with………..?
  • Way of life
  • Being selective
  • Being precise
  • Extreme form of biased

Ans= D