(GED Social Studies Practices; Lesson 5) – Analyze Relationships Between Materials

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In social studies graphics are used to illustrate key concepts. The graphics can either be display in two forms which are graphs and maps.

The component of graph that display social studies information is:

  • Circle graphs: they show how information is divided into parts.
  • Line graphs and bar graphs: they make use of horizontal axis that contains written words or labels and vertical axis that consists of written values for organizing data.

Circle graph                                             

   line graphs and bar graphs

Maps are drawings that illustrate places and regions with keys (also known as legend), compass (to show directions), and scales (to determine distances).        


 Information sometimes is written in text, they are often combined with graphic. This can be seen in online articles, newspaper, etc.


  1. From the graph how many children engage in dancing?

A. 30

B. 35

C. 37

D. 20

Ans= A 

2. From the graph which of the activities has the highest number of children?

A. Art

B. Football

C. Music

D. Cricket

3. From the graph which is the nicest of the fruit?

A. Apple

B. Orange

C. Blueberry

D. Kiwifruit

Ans= C

4. From the graph which is the least of the nicest fruit?

A. Banana

B. Kiwifruit

C. Orange

D. Grapes

Ans= D