(GED Social Studies/Geography And The World; Lesson 1)-Early Civilizations

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One the earliest known civilization is ancient Egypt. Around 5000 B.C.E.  The Egyptians who live around the Nile River took advantage of the fertile soil left behind by the floods. The irrigation systems in which the Egyptians built facilitate growth in food by supporting the large population. The Egyptians see their kings as pharaohs. So the Egyptians built the famous pyramids to house these rulers. The pyramids and the civilization of the Egyptians were built by slaves.    

Around that same time, the Sumerian city state which was situated in the northeast of Egypt also develop irrigation, flood control method and writing system.

The ancient Greece also contributed to civilization. The Greek backed then where not politically unified. They war against each other. The Sparta (a warlike state) took over most cities in the city-state around them. Athens another city-state in Greece was known as the first political democracy. 

Rome was another civilized city; they are governed by wealthy citizens through an elected senate. They are governed by a system of laws. Romans leader built schools roads, bridges, hospitals a tax system, and an army.

Other civilizations include the Maya, in Central America; they invented a pictographic writing system which is used to document mathematical discoveries and astronomy. The Incas Empire consists of sophisticated government. The Incas are known for building amazing roads and bridges in their rugged mountains. In Mexico, the Aztecs are known for inventing a written language, creating a calendar system and making dredging mud from lakes.    


  1. The Egyptians who stay around the seashore took advantage of ………? A. Seashell B. Mineral resources C. Environment D. Fertile soil


  1. The Sparta is known for? A. War B. Politics C. dancing D. civilization


  1. The Athens is known for ……..? A. Artiste B. Wedding C. Ceremony D. Democracy