(GED Science/Earth And Space Science; Lesson 3)-Weather And Climate

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Weather and climate

Weather can defined as the day to day change in conditions in the atmosphere at given place. While climate can be defined as the average weather conditions of a large region over a long period of time.


The rise in weather and climate change is as a result of the heating of the sun rays which fall more directly at the equator than in other places like the south and north Poles. This heat causes global wind circulation patterns. It also causes change in the ocean current. Ocean currents do transfer heat especially from the equatorial regions to the poles. Ocean current are usually caused by wind and variationsin the density of water e.g. warm water is less dense than cold water. 

Causes of weather patterns

  1. Air masses
  2. Large bodies of air with same temperature
  3. Pressure
  4. Humidity

The study of short term weather patterns and data of a particular area is known meteorologist. weather data like cloud cover, wind, humidity, temperature are being gather by meteorologist. They also issue storm watches and warning. This data are useful in weather forecast in TV news and even to predict upcoming danger.


  1. From the options below which can help to out balanced heating of earth as a whole? A. Global wind and ocean current patterns B. Local air masses C. Tornadoes, blizzards and floods D. Precipitation associated with fronts

        Ans= A

      2. The rays fall more direct at the …..?

A. South Pole

B. Equator

C. Fronts

D. North pole

       Ans= B

      3. …… is the change in conditions of atmosphere in a place?

A. Equator 

B. Fronts

C. Weather

D. Climate

       Ans= C

     4. Ocean current are usually caused by wind and ………?

  1. Population
  2. Variation
  3. Air 
  4. Climate

      Ans= B

     5. One of the causes of weather patterns is?

A. Rain 

B. Fronts 

C. Blizzards

D. Humidity

       And= D