(GED Science/Earth And Space Science; Lesson 2)-Earth’s Resources

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Earth’s Resources The earth’s resources have to do with anything that is needed for humans to survive. There these natural resources are listed below:

  1. Air: when we talk about air it has to do with respiration, weather and climate.
  2. Water: water is useful in so many ways; it is used for washing, cooking, drinking, agricultural, industrial processes and so on.
  3. Soil: soil has to do with loose disintegrated rock, living organisms, air, water, and organic matter in which plants grow.                                                 
  4. Minerals: it consists of natural forming inorganic substances with a crystalline structure of which rocks are made up of.
  5. Energy: e.g. fossils fuels, wind, moving water, solar energy and geothermal energy. C:\Users\Ebube\Desktop\DTW TUTORIALS\DTW BLOG PHYSICS\2cb52c6a9d272e0ec8ce0764b1cd9570.png

Classification of earth’s resources

Resources can be classified as nonrenewable and renewable resources:

Nonrenewable resources: This kind of resource takes millions of years to be formed naturally, therefore, no replacement. E.g. crude oil

Renewable source of energy: these kinds can never run out either because of its unlimited supply. E.g. solar energy

These resources can be destroyed by people through:

  • Over use
  • Consumption
  • Pollution
  • Air is being polluted by harmful substances released into the air e.g. fossil fuel which brings damage to the ozone layer through chlorofluorocarbons.
  • Water; can also be polluted through sewage, industrial chemicals etc.

Conservation; as to do with a wide range of activities to protect the natural resources. These measures taken are:

  • Use of catalytic converters to reduce the harmful emissions
  • Manufacturing of technologies to exploit renewable resources of energy
  • Recycling of waste
  • Using of agricultural methods to protect plants 
  • Developing more efficient combustion engines to reduce consumption of gasoline
  • Cleaning up of polluted areas
  • Radioactive waves should be dispose properly
  • Creating of sewage and water treatment plantsC:\Users\Ebube\Desktop\DTW TUTORIALS\DTW BLOG PHYSICS\Figure2-Relationship-Between-Ecotourism-Natural-Resource-Conservation-Source-Boley.png


  1. One the ways in which natural resources can be destroyed by man is through? A. Overuse B. Jumping C. Sliding D. Digging

     Ans= A

  1. Air can be polluted through………….? A. Smokes B. Rain C. Chemicals D. Washing

     Ans= A

  1. Lack of water treatment can lead to? A. Soil pollution B. Recycling C. Water pollution D. Chemical pollution

      Ans= C

  1. ………….. are those that take millions of years to be formed naturally A. Resources B. Nonrenewable resources C. Renewable resources D. Recycling

       Ans= B

  1. Radioactive waves should be ………… properly? A. Kept B. Arrange C. Dispose D. Recycle

        Ans= C