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Wanting to get your GED Math Test out of the way within 2 weeks to a month, below are the topics you should know well to pass your test with high scores;

  • Fractions, Ratio, Proportion and Percentages
  • Data, Statistics and Probability
  • Geometry
    Triangles – Properties of triangles, Pythagorean Theorem,
    Circles – Circumference, diameter, radius, area
  • Geometry
    Perimeter, Area, Surface Area and Volume – Prisms, Pyramids, Cylinders, Cones, Sphere, Parallelogram, Rectangle, Square, Rhombus, Trapezoid, Plane Figures
  • Algebra
    Signed Numbers(Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Signed Numbers), Powers and Roots, Irrational Numbers, Order of Operations, Absolute Value
  • Algebra
    Algebraic Expressions, Polynomials (Simplification, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division),
  • Algebra
    Single step Equations, Multiple Step Equations, FOIL method, Inequalities, Quadratic Equations(Factoring)
  • Algebra
    Word Problems
  • Graphing and Slope
    Coordinates, X & Y axis, Y-Intercept, Systems of Linear Equations, Functions
  • Know how to operate your TI-30XS Calculator
  • Recommended Text Book – Kaplan GED Prep

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