GED Social Studies/Civics And Government; Lesson 2 – Constitutional Government

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The constitution of U.S. stands as the basis for their national government and legal system under which the rights of the citizens are being upheld. United States is known as a republic which signifies a form of government that encourages citizen to vote the people who will govern them. The main aim of the constitution is to establish a standard for the new nation, whereby citizens are assured that their rights are being protected and make prosperity under the new law.

The first constitution do not really defines citizen’s right, this resulted some politicians to make decision in bringing the new bill in order for the citizens to trust the new government. So they agree to make an amendment. This led to the first ten amendments to the U.S. constitution which was passed in 1791. The amendment for example gives citizen the freedom of speech, freedom of religion etc.

Amendments to the constitution require wide support. According to article 5, a constitutional amendment can be proposed by congress if it is supported by two thirds majorities in both the house and the senate. And finally three-fourths of the state must ratify it. But many amendments have gained more enough support to be ratified.


  1. From the passage a form of government that allows people to elect their government is known as?

A. Dictatorship

B. Republic

C. Monarchy

D. Constitution

Ans= B

2. What was the main aim of the constitution?

A. To establish

B. To reform

C. To raise a standard

D. To rebrand

Ans= C

3. The first amendment was passed in what year?

A. 1215

B. 1870

C. 1791

D. 1971

Ans= C

4. Amendments to the constitution require what kind of support?

A. Wide amount of support

B. Little or no support

C. Political support

D. Individual support

Ans= A